Educational Opportunities 

Education is important to us. We believe in training the next generation has to do with both spiritual development as well as educational development. To best train and send young leaders we want to do everything we can to instill into students that education is worth it and will better serve them in their life and in their ministry.


life pacific college

The LPC/ELN cohort consists of students from a number of qualified ELN's across the country taking courses together. Students will be able to dialogue with one another concerning what their learning, life, and how to apply it in ministry. Courses will be 12 weeks long, beginning in mid-September and mid-January. Students should anticipate investing 8-10 hours per week into each course. LPC provides a tuition grant of over 60% in order to keep the cost as low as possible. The Foursquare Foundation is providing a significant scholarship covering approximately 30% of the tuition. Thus ELN student cost for the 2016-17 year will be $200 per course, plus textbooks.

For more info, contact Lori Gonzalez, Special Programs Coordinator at LPC via phone or email.

PHONE //  909.706.3059          EMAIL //


Pacific life bible college

Pacific Life Bible College in British Columbia, Canada, offers a $1900 scholarship to ELN graduates. This scholarship is provided to full time students and is divided over their first two semesters. PLBC also offers economical room and board and will grant transfer credit for appropriate courses taken while in the ELN program. Pacific Life is committed to training up Foursquare leaders and sending them into ministry around the world.

For more info, contact Sam Romijn, Enrollment Director at PLBC via phone or email.

PHONE // 604.597.9082 ext. 3362          EMAIL //


northwest university

The Northwest University Church Partnership Program (CPP) is a unique partnership between Northwest University (NU) and your church that allows Northwest University to offer Associate and Bachelor’s degrees with the highest level of accreditation as an integrated part of your church’s internship program. Through the CPP, students earn college credits toward AA and BA degrees that can be completed at your church's CPP, at Northwest University’s Kirkland campus, or even transferred to other public and private colleges or universities, all while serving in their local church internship program. The CPP combines what Northwest does best (Academics), with the ministry training we do best (Internships), all in the highly-supportive relational environment of your church.

For more info, contact Cary Peterson, Church Partnership Program Director via phone or email.

PHONE //  452.889.5252          EMAIL //


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