In 1994, a full-time school of ministry for college-age students was launched at the Church of Living Water in Olympia, Washington. It began with two students and a part-time, volunteer director who served alongside the program originator, Living Water’s youth pastor, Tim Wimberly. Tim based this new ministry on the model of “Master’s Commission,” which was founded at Pastor Tommy Barnett’s Phoenix First Assembly Church in 1984. Tim had seen dynamic results in the lives of Master’s Commission students, and his desire was to create something similar in his own church environment, now known as Anthem School of Ministry.

In 2003, at the encouragement of Pastor Burt Smith, Anthem began hosting training opportunities to help other churches begin similar schools of ministry. Two years later, after several programs had been started, conversations began with the Foursquare National Church Office about creating a network to help promote and support these specialized schools of ministry. After months of conversations, meetings, and planning, the Foursquare Emerging Leader Network was formally launched in the spring of 2006 under the leadership of Pastor Tim Mossholder.

Over the next 10+ years, dozens of programs have been launched and have grown in size and influence. These programs have trained and released hundreds of students—many of whom have gone on to serve in roles of ministry leadership, both vocationally and in the marketplace.

In the last few years, due to change in leadership, ELN has been in quite the transition season. Coming full circle, in 2017 ELN has been relaunched and taken on by NextGen Pastor and Anthem Director at Church of Living Water, Pastor Steven Mulkey. 

We believe that ELN programs are meant for the local church, so therefore, it ought to be run out of the local church. We also believe that in the coming years we will see God do amazing things through the equipping of the local church to continue to train and send young leaders.

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